Metal Gear Solid Ops (PSP)

December 10, 2006

Woah… MGSops is finally out!!! I have been waiting for this game to be released for ages. Been playing this game for 2 days and i really like it very much.

I am a great fan of the metal gear series. I even bought a game cube just to play the remake Metal gear Solid – Twin Snakes. I think that time i really siao liao. I also have the Arts of Metal Gear Solid for the 3 series.

Well, this time MGSops takes place in the 1970s, just 6 years after the operation “snake eater” (which is also know as MGS3). This time you don’t have to hunt for food (eat snake or crocodile), apply first Aid to the wound or camoflage your snake’s face anymore.

Now what you need in MGSops is to recruit a team of soldiers under you to rebel (pretty cool, right). You can sent spy to source for infomation, form a tech squad to make weapon, a medical squad to heal your men and a team to follow you during your mission. Well there are much more i haven’t explore yet, but at least it can keep me busy for awhile while i wait for my Wii and PS3.

I can’t wait for MGS4 for PS3… PLS FREEZE ME!!!!

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  1. This game rocks!

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