What is Love?

December 10, 2006

I have been crazy over South park recently and i came across one of the epsiodes where Mr Garrison is talking to Mr twit (a stick with a shirt on it) about love. This is what Mr twit told him,

“Love isn´t a decision, it´s a feeling. If we could decide who we´d loved, it would be much simplier, but much less magical”

Well, i can’t imagine a lame cartoon show will come out something like that, hahaha… Cos most of the times it would be things like, “There are not stupid questions, just stupid people.” this type of shit.



  1. wah.. deep

  2. “Love isn’t a decision, it’s a feeling. If we could decide who we’d love, it would be much simplier, but less magical.”

    *nods nods*
    True true~ =)

  3. damn right its a feeling..someone once said, love is the strongest feeling you feel up to that point of time…then another stronger feeling comes along and you say , that must be love..

  4. Yeah man. Love is a thing that we don’t have to understand, cos we will never understand it. It is how the way we feel about it, which is more important than anything else. 🙂

  5. every morning i wake up, i tell my balls i love them so much

  6. *stares at Gary’s reply*
    *blink~* O_O

  7. -_- Gary… What had Lucas done to you…

  8. ooo gary’s in never never land..with georgo

  9. *stares at TsueyLian Fer’s reply”

    ehhhh dun liddat la… shy..

    dun every guy tell their nuts how much u luv them??

  10. -_-… Who is gary anyway… I start to forget who is he liao

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