Found my 11B, in a place where i didn’t go on that day…

December 12, 2006

Well, for those who don’t know, i lost my 11B 5 months ago in my camp. The story goes like this….

That day was a cock up day cos i overslept again. So i had to rush to my camp by cab. When i reached the guard house, i showed them my pass and rushed to the AGTS centre. I remembered i put all my passes into my pocket (This is what i always do after showing my pass to the RP…) Because i was really late liao, so i double back to change to my No.4.

When i was inside my changing room, i took out all my items and place them on top of my table and before i change. Just when i was changing, got this fat guy came into the room and talk cock with me. Well seriously i don’t like to talk to him cos he always do stupid things in camp, so i just do my things without even bother to listen to what craps he said. At the moment i just wanted to leave the room asap, therefore i grab my things and left.

I went to the CAI to check the training programme for my tank training and that’s when i realised that all my passes were not with me. So i ran back to the changing room to look for it cos that’s the last place that i had been to. After searching high and low inside changing room, nothing was found, so i walked back to the guard room to search. After hours of searching, I still couldn’t find it, so i went to report lost. I suspects that fat ass took my passes so i questioned him about it, but he denied that he had anything to do with it. In the end, I had to report to police cos 11B is like an I.C. card. Damn Suay…

My passes had gone for 5 months and i had to paid $150 for the replacement ($100 for 2 camp passes and $50 for my 11B). Well, guess what? Today my friend, Lion called me and told me that he found my 11B in camp. I asked him where he found it and he told me that it was inside VSC10… I was like what the F…. I never been to that place that day, how come my passes will ended there? Things are over now, I don’t want to stir things up again. At least I know my 11B is still exist… by the way i have nothing but the money to throw… hahaha… just kidding.


  1. hurray for fat asses!!

  2. -_- Well I glad I didn’t sign on, otherwise I might become like that fat ass, hahaha… Life’s good after NS.

  3. alwyn, wad u trying to say?

  4. Song bo, got ur 11B back. (If u r considerate enough) u may go police station to update them lor, if not ur items will always be on their “lost and found” list…

    But i oso dun understand how come its found somewhere else. Did u pray to god that day? I think ur camp dirty lah… haha…

  5. -_- err… I will… Thanks for reminding

  6. gary..din say u wad..i say e fat ass he mentioned..good job..why, u sensitive ah??

  7. i din say u say me wad.. but y u hurray? just curious

  8. .. ohh i got it liao.. paiseh i slow.. hahahaha

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