Fish Tank Light Box

December 13, 2006

Guys, I had made a budget light box for my product shot (recently got some freelance product photoshoot) No money to buy that big curve table for the shoot and no space to put it anyway, so I use a small fish tank, a white cardboard and 2 lights (bought the new lights at new tampines ikea… That place is damn big) to make a small lighting studio for the shooting.

Went to Ikea yesterday on my 2nd attempt (First attempt didn’t make it cos it was too late) around 9plus pm, hoping to get the lights for my light box. The closing time stated at 10pm, so I was afraid that I couldn’t make it on time, but guess what…. I shopped until 10.50pm and the shop still hasn’t closed yet. (What the…) You guys should go down there at night cos not much people there at night and you don’t have to queue up for the feedle bus.

Here are some of the pic took with my nikon D50 without flash light.

Testshot1  Testshot2Testshot3 Testshot4 Testshot5


  1. wah! the toy is awesome man! wah!

  2. -_- ya, my bro’s expensive toy. But the main focus here is that cheapo light box…

  3. fug man who cares bout the f—ing light box??? the toy is great! binatech series right?

  4. Ya, got the whole series. All throw inside my display rack now.

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