Life is just like a piece of chocolate or is like playing video games?

December 17, 2006

Some says that Life is like a piece of chocolate, some says Life is like a boat in the rough ocean and some even says that Life is like playing a video game.

I was with Eustace and X that day at coffee bean, as usual, talking cock and looking at each other recent works. That day I released that X is quite lost in what he is doing as he felt that he has difficulties in doing character design. Both Eustace and I felt that his strengths are in Background and Props Design, he can do well in his drawing, but lack of the feeling and life in the characters. He wants do and focus in character design, but he seem to be struck in what he is doing right now.

Then Master Eustace told him that he Life is like playing a video game. Is like in the game, you are on a raft in the river, you come across this split juction. You know that the top one lead you to the hidden secret weapon, and the bottom doesn’t. But you only have that split seconds to move your raft up. What if you missed it, then how? Most people will restart from the last save and try to redo it until they get the weapon, only a few will continute the game. Ya, by doing this you might get the secret weapon, you lost the fun of playing the game.

Eustace trying to bring this example to X, telling him that he might get what he wants, but he might not be enjoying what he is doing right now (Those who knows X will know that he had been trying to draw that chirstmas card, but he is struck for quite sometimes). I believe that he can do it, just needs time to have confidence in himself. (Actually we are struck at coffee bean cos it’s raining very heavily. Nothing to do so we talk about this topic)

I believe what Eustace said make sense. But there is one thing for sure – People will always choose to win, but the actual fact in really life is that, there isn’t another second chance.


  1. The game in question is Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, and old arcade game. Very fun with up to four characters can play together.

  2. eh fug la.. eus trying to act smart again. u all bought his hocus pokus crap ah?

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