Great Ideas always ended up not being great

December 27, 2006

That day I went out with Eustace to Hereen and saw the Levi’s shop displaying jeans on bamboo stick. That was one of the ideas that we wanted to use for our t-shirt blog, but we didn’t build the blog in the end and the idea was used by someone else to do the Levi’s display… Eustace then explained to me, saying that when someone thinks of something, others will eventually ended with the smiliar idea. Maybe because we could read each others’ mind… I believe that all great ideas generated by people will be uploaded to an invisible server, where surfers(people) can download those great ideas if they think as hard as you do… That’s why most people get the same ideas.

Great Ideas



  1. wghat happens if that person already died a long time ago? Message from the dead or just floatsam lingering inthe air like radio waves?? hehehe u noe what i mean.

  2. The message or idea will just stored into an invisible server or an ideas bank. So perheps you downloaded his idea when you think with the right frequency. Hahaha…

  3. Haha, the theory is that we are all part of a greater cosmic consciousness, so all our brainwaves are sorta inter-linked in some kinda network. Han, i’m downloading your ATM pin no. right now…. from your server, haha!

  4. Hahaa… Just take man, I got a lot of money. Hahaha…

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