Completed Rainbow Six Vegas

July 18, 2007

Finally completed this game last Sunday. Overall game play is good; i enjoyed ordering my men to die, rappelling down the building and throwing frag grenade at myself. But I just feel that the graphic could be better cos when playing at 1080i, the whole thing looks blurry.

The fun part for this game is that you have the freedom to choose the routes and engagement methods to your objective. It makes the whole gaming experience unique as different routes lead to different encounters. The replay values is high for this game. I haven’t really tried the online yet, but will give it a try soon.

To conclude, the overall not so bad, but i don’t like the ending, kinda lame…

Well, I am looking forward to Ghost Recon Advancd Fighter 2 on 28th August. Meanwhile I will try to complete Resistance: Fall of Man first, follow by Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Just got it on Saturday) and Call of Duty 3 (Still waiting for the auction to end -_-)


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