Singapore Air Show 2008

February 25, 2008

Managed to get free tickets to go on Friday. Was wondering why i gave up my pilot dream for Mickey Mouse… Haiz…

The Flight Down


The Slaute
The Slatue

Missing Man
Missing man

The Solo

The Overturn

Cross Over
The Crossover

2 F16D Fighters
2 fighters

4 F16D Fighters
4 fighters

6 F16D Fighters
6 fighters


Leopard 2A4

Flags of our Fathers
Flags of our Fathers


  1. Yo.. u bought a zoom lens? pretty closeup.

  2. I bought it together with my camera, AF-S DX Zoom 55-200mm f/4-5.6 G ED (if i am not wrong). Very hard to track the plane when using zoom len, hahaha…

  3. Singapore Airshow 2008

    I took a taxi with a friend who live near Pasir Ris after my Unit Fitness Program, a program designed especially for people fail the IPPT like yours truly to have additional PT training (so far only 2 members have graduated from the program since it wa…

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