Hot Toys Robocop

August 2, 2008

Hi guys, I am back with more toys… XD. I really have no place to put them anymore… T-T. I just bought this Hot Toys Robocop at CSC at the price of SGD$200 yesterday. The reasons I am getting this figure is because I AM A ROBOCOP FAN!!!! Secondly, I always wanted to own it 2 years ago, but I was just a poor student back then. And lastly, I’m sick of waiting for Hot Toys Batman to start selling here.

The price is ok but the condition of the figure is…. bad as the screws are all rusty…. I didn’t realised this until i bought it… Initially I thought there are only some stains on the figure, which can be easily removed by a clean cloth….I was wrong…. Haiz… I believe this is a pre-owned “mint” unopened set. Guess i have to replace all the screws myself tomorrow at hardware shop. Hopefully i can find the correct sizes… Here are some of the picture i took. Hope you all enjoy.

Box Art
Hot Toys Robocop

Hot Toys Robocop

Hot Toys Robocop

Hot Toys Robocop

This is how it look inside
Hot Toys Robocop

Hot Toys Robocop

It looks awesome! (Pls ignore the stains T-T)
Hot Toys Robocop

ARRGHHH!!!! Luckily I can remove it with cloth
Hot Toys Robocop

This is definately a toy collector’s NIGHTMARE!!!!!
Hot Toys Robocop

I have removed the awful stains on the affected parts, next step will be the screws. I will fix up the figure after I changed the screws and springs to stainless steel. I will post up asap once i clean up the mess. There is still hope to save him…. Hahaha…


  1. Damn, that looks really bad… I better go check my Robocop figure for any rusts!!!

  2. Ya, it’s a nightmare cleaning up the mess. But it’s worth it for this figure. Should have buy Ed209 that time… now it’s gone…

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