Fixing Rusty Robocop

August 3, 2008

Haiz… managed to find some time to fix one of the leg, but it took me 3 hours just to remove the rust and paint it. I still have a body and a leg to work on… T-T

This is the leg before i polish and paint the screws
Rusty Robocop

Rusty Robocop

Polished with Autosol…
Rusty Robocop

…then painted with Tamiya acrylic paint (Gun Metal)
Rusty Robocop

Ta Ta!! Done!
Rusty Robocop

Just like new!!!
Rusty Robocop

Rusty Robocop

Sparking Gun Metal
Rusty Robocop

Rusty Robocop

I can’t believe i spent 3 hours on these…. This will be a lesson learnt for me to check my toys thoroughly before i make my purchase. I will update more soon. Now need to rest…. ZZZzzz…

I found a can of sliver spray in my storeroom, so i respray some screws with it. It looks better than the gun metal .


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