Hot Toys US Marine [FAST]

September 8, 2008

Hi Guys, finally got my camera ready to shoot more photos of the recent toys i bought. (I try to cut down on toys so I can save money for Japan trip with my Tian Tian) Below are the Normal Edition 1st Fleet Anti-Terrorist Support Team and the Limited Edition 7th Platoon Fleet Anti-Terrorist Support Team. Enjoy.

Box Art (Left is the Normal Edition and the right is the Limited Edition)

Normal Edition


Desert Digicamo

Limited Edition

Green Digicamo

I have already opened the normal edition FAST and now it is standing on my table in my office. I’m not gonna open the Limited Edition until i have a room to display my toys. For now I just need to clear some space for the boxes of toys…

One comment

  1. I came across your photos during my search for the 2nd F.A.S.T. Co 7th Platoon Figure. I am a former member of 7th platoon and was turned on to the figure by a family member. Any chance that you would be willing to part with the Figure? If not, any advice on locating one?

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