Kotobukiya Iron Man

October 11, 2008

Just got my Kotobukiya Iron Man. I don’t know why i bought this since i getting Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 1 to 3… Well, anyways, my brother said he will buy it from me so i guess i will concentrate on 12″ action figures. Below are some of the pictures i took. Enjoy.

Box Art

The box art looks good, attractive but my nightmare only begins after i took out the ironman from the box.

Iron Man

The proportion looks great, but the paint job was badly done. I didn’t know that kotobukiya workmanship is that bad. I seen Kotobukiya Halo before and it looks 1000 times better than this….

Number 2761 victims out of 7000

Quite disappointed for the amount of money spent on this such product. I could have save it for hot toys ironman… By the way, I collected my Hot toys TDK batman. Will update it once i have the time.



  1. hi parrot, i just read your review.
    thank god i chose HT ironman.
    but i think the standing base is pretty cool,
    i’m planning on building my own standing base for my HT (once it’s in hand) based on the kotobukiya standing base.
    do you think you can help me measure the exact size of the kotobukiya standing base? i still don’t know what material to use, but worth to try right?
    your help will be much appreciated.
    thank you parrot

  2. Hi eka, Luckily you chose HT iron man over this koto ironman. It’s really a big diappointment for me. Haha… I need to go back and check. Will update you the measurement soon. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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