Medicom Masked Rider Black

November 24, 2008

WOOHHOOO~! Finally got one of my favorite childhood Super Hero, KAMEN RIDER BLACK! When I was young,  I will always fight with my grandma for tv to catch the show on TV2. That time the voice dubbing was in Malay cos it was shown on malaysia channel. Even though I don’t understand what they were talking about, I still enjoy the action… RIDER PUNCH~! RIDER KICK~! Haha…

Well this is another recent collection I just bought. Finally have the time to shoot it. Enjoy~.

Box Art

Pretty well drawn art box. I like the feel of it.



Close up on mask

Henshin is the coolest part during the show.

Love it~! Hoping that they will release the HOPPER bike for this figure. XD~ PERFECT HARMONY~! Opps! That’s Kamen Rider Kabuto. Hahahaa…

I’m still waiting for my bank robbery joker… (A lot of shops has it but how come the shop I pre-ordered from hasn’t call me yet. -_-) WHY!!!! WHERE IS HE!!!!



  1. My girl friend help me to buy it from Hong Kong this weekend. Around $150sgd.

    Same with you it’s from Medicom RAH 393!

    How much you bought it by the way?

    I love Kamen Rider Black also~~ Especially the opening and ending song.

  2. hahaha, Ya bro. It’s my favorite childhood rider. I got it at 180sgd in Singapore. Hong Kong is a lot cheaper.

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