Hot Toys Bank Robbery Joker

December 9, 2008

!!!!! Collected my Bank Robbery Joker at last from the shop i pre-ordered a few months back. Finally I realised that there isn’t any space to keep my toys at home anymore so I think it’s time to move my collection to my office since I will be having a my own shelf soon (If my boss would to allow me change my desk).

Box Art

Well sculptured figure

… Speechless… It looks so real…

I believe that this will be my favourite collectible for a long time, at least for now. Hahaha… So…err… what’s next? Nurse Joker?


  1. It’s an outstanding figure. Very eery how life-like the face and the eyes look. I’d buy the original Hot Toys Joker for the iconic suit, but 150 bucks is a bit much to spend without feeling guilty. I sort of like posing him with the masked head since that’s how he most appears in the bank robbery scene. But it feels like a waste to tuck away the more standard head–which is spectacular and the main reason to buy this figure.

  2. It’s really an expensive hobby to collect toys, especially 12″. They not only burn your wallet, also take up a lot of your space at home. But if you really like the toy, don’t hesitate. If not when it’s gone, it’s hard to find them back again. 🙂

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