Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow

December 10, 2008

Yesterday went down to Falcon Hanger sale with my tian tian, yeow kuang and david to get Ron’s present. We spent about an hour there, and in the end didn’t really get anything there (Almost wanted to get the mountain sniper, but nah.) We decided to move over to CSC before yeow kuang give in himself to old snake or storm trooper. We left empty handed and took bus to CSC.

Once we reached there, we went into the ripped off shop known as Shop A. Just like my tian tian said, even though we know is ripped off, but being an otaku, we still went in to check it out. As usual, we will whine our way out to Shop B. Nothing caught our eyes there so we proceeded to lvl 2. We went into Shop C, then to Shop D. For me if I happened to walk past Shop D, i will went in there and look at their Hot Toys Jack Sparrow. I being monitoring it for a few weeks, but never buy it because of my tight budget. I showed yeow kuang and david and 3 of us like it very much, so in the end we bought 3 Jack Sparrow from that shop.

BUT WAIT!!!! Ain’t we supposed to buy present for Ron? Well so we went to my favourite uncle shop, asked for patlabour, but no stock. I remembered OG got sell MG patlabour so we journey our way to the OG to find it. Well not every stories has a happy ending, the toy was ever found. None of us could think of anything to get for Ron so yeow kuang suggested going back to CSC to get Revoltech. I realised a dark cloud starts gathering near me (I can feel her Sha Qi)… so i told them that we make a quick purchase if not i think i will be struck by lightning. Hahaha.. We stayed at Shop B for a long time before we decided to go back to shop D to got the metal patlabour we saw there. In the end we bought the spawn figure for Ron instead of the patlabour because the box was in a bad condition. After that we went to eat chicken pie at a nearby cafe.

Okok, end of story, now it’s time for some pictures…

Box Art

Out of the box




Without the Hat and Coat

That’s all for this month. Will be looking forward to Iron man Hot Toys collectibles.



  1. WOW i also own both of them jack and elizabeth from those first two versions! I was wondering where can i find those two empty boxes of those,you see i have make the mistake to throw them away and now i want to find and buy them can someone help please? thanks.

    • Ya, It’s kinda of hard to find just boxes. I was lucky to found someone selling rambo 1 box on ebay singapore. Unless you wanna sell your figuring, it’s ok without a box. Boxes are taking up a lot of my room’s space. I will keep an eye for you if i chance upon seller seling jack sparrow and elizabrth boxes.

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