Enterbay Fearless Jet Li

April 17, 2009

My very first Enterbay figuring. Initially wanted to get Bruce Lee, but is way above my budget so I go for the cheaper ones first. Enjoy.

Box Art (Front)

Box Art (Back)


Product Description

Enterbay 2th Anniversary Figuring


Jet Li sitting in the box

Close up on face

Overall I quite like the face they made, but I was quite disappointed with the legs. Most of the time it could not stand properly. It took me awhile to balance the figure so that the weak ankle could support the weight of the body. Anyway, consider one of my favourite figure for me.



  1. wanno sold? contact me shawn 012-2844384

    • Hi Shawn, I’m not interested to sell. If you want I can try to help you find. Thanks for your interest. Cheers.

  2. HI Parrot83,
    Do you know where I can buy this locally and how much is it?

    • Hi Mr Ng,
      You can still get it at Plaza Singapura or China Square Central. But the price might be quite steep. I got this at around 200++. Can’t remember the exact price but definitely not more than 300.

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