Kitbash Metal Gear Solid 4 PMC Praying Mantis

May 12, 2009

Being the big fan of Metal Gear Solid, I always wanted to kitbash a character from the series, but the time spent looking for the parts often turn me off. Finding the parts and equipment is a challenge, there are times you have to make or modify from the other parts to get it right. This is my first kitbash so I will start with something simple which some people had already did before -Metal Gear Solid 4 PMC Praying Mantis.

Getting started

Layout of the equipment used

Desert Tan Overall

Gun holster and pouch



Loading Vest


I downloaded the logo and printed it on a piece of art card.


Highly detailed boot made by BBI i think



The Gloves is made for BBI bodies. In order to use them on Hot toys, i removed the joint.

It took me a lot of strength just to take out this joint.

Now i can use it for hot toys bodies

Helmet and NVG

This is the helmet i got, but it is not the correct type and colour.

So I marked out the location i gonna drill.

Drilling in progress

After Drilled

Using Round file to make the holes

After filed.


Apply layer by layer to build up the colour

Final look.

Thanks DCWJ for giving me the black shirt and the jacket. If not, I dunno when I will be able to complete this kitbash 🙂

Dressing up

Tried the shirt and the jacket and realised that the shirt too tight and the jacket too big…

… way too big…

Hopefully when i put on the welding and loading vest the jacket will fit.

Putting up the loading vest

Hmm… so far looks not so bad.

Putting the mask and the headset


I tried my best to make it looks as close to the actual as possible. The end product looks close, still need to mod some area to make it more accurate. It’s really fun and I having great time kitbash this figure. Maybe during my break i will go try to customize a head for some kitbash. XD.

I printed out and pasted the logo onto the stand. This is the final look.


  1. Wow, nice kit bashing. Btw, what brand is the loading vest you use for this?

    • Thanks. For the loading vest I not sure what brand I am using. I got it in a toy shop in Singapore.

  2. Awesome work! It would be nice too see the final result with the stand 🙂

    • Thanks sami. I have put it with stand in my office. I will take some photo of it when I am free. 🙂

  3. You’re PMC is wearing his “loading vest” backwards. Also, the shoulder padding of the plate carrier isn’t done quite right. Look for pictures of the Eagle Industries CIRAS, land version.

    • Hi marik,
      Thanks for the feedback, but I’ve check on the vest and it’s not wearing backwards. They made the vest front and back very easy to identify and I don’t think I have make a mistake there. Anyways, thanks for sharing the web. 🙂 Cheers.

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