My Toys in my office

September 8, 2009

Now I will show you what toys I display in my office. XD


My boss sponsored this display case

Iron Man section

TDK section

I left my 2 jokers at home.

Terminator section

Robocop and POTC section

Military section

Medicom section

and lastly my favourite kitbash of PMC from MGS4

As you can see my display case is not enough to put in all my collection. It’s time to get another case soon *hint* Hahaha.


  1. Wah… buay tahan. Everytime i come here is toy toy toy. Can you post something about what u guys are doing or something like dat!?

    • Hahaha, It’s my toy blog leh. You want update go facebook better. We miss you man. How are you doing?

  2. You have one impressive collection

  3. you have a very cool office. 🙂

    • Ya, company used to be very spacious, but recently just added some more tables. Now looks very packed, hahaha. Was hoping to get another display cases cos some of my figures still in the boxes.

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