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  1. Hi hi,
    let me be among the first to vandalise yr guestbook. Wowzers Nice shite u got there! keep it up Pawnzor ma!, hehehehe ! More power to U! Hope to see more in de future hehehe!!!

  2. *squack!* polly wanna cracker *squack!*

  3. Spotted ur blog from ah siong’s blog. Never abt ur new blog oso… bei steady.. haaha… Thanx for the link too man! & thaaatt… is very steady =D

  4. kao…left out a word above & cannot re-edit one… “Never inform abt….”

  5. Hahaha… How are you, Phang… Cool to have you here.

  6. Hey birdie jianlong here. Heehee keep it up!

  7. Hi! Why I can’t fill my info in profile? Can somebody help me?
    My login is Kisakookoo!

  8. Test myfunction comment

  9. Dear Parrot,

    House is having a Black Market Art on Sun 21 Sept and we’re wondering if you’re interested in taking part? It’s an art theme event so we’d thought you’d fit right in.
    I am unable to attach our flyer but we’re in this month’s JUICE if you’ve got an issue.

    We’re having juices, muffins, hot dogs, a draw-a-thon, Kissing Booth, an art auction and 30 over concept vendors.

    Do let me know, it’s ok to sell work you’ve currently got or to draw on the spot.

    I am contactable at 6476 6050 or at my email address.


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