More new works will be updated soon. Stay tuned.


Demo Reel 2007

Beta Version of my demo reel. Will change after i had done with some of my animation works.


Run Cycle

Another run cycle test I did recently.

The Medic

Finally, my first 2007 animation. This is a 10 seconds clip which I have done recently. Will be working on other animations.



Weight Lift

A weight lift test i done recently, to see whether i still can animate or not after 2 years of national service. Haha…

Run Cycle

Run cycle test. Try to time myself, see how fast i can animate the run cycle. Completed in 2 hrs. Need a lot of clean-up, hahaa..



10 Seconds Animation

10 seconds animation (Modelling, Rigging and Animation)


Animatorix - Lesson 2

Animatorix consists of 7 different stories animated by 7 different animators. Lesson 2 is animated by me.



Wave, Boat and Ricesack

My favourite assignment back in poly.

One comment

  1. The Medic is very funny,, haha.. nice idea

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