Hot Toys Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

December 26, 2009

Finally I have my Marcus Wright. Thanks to david, kah fai, ah boy, shawn, sze yang, ron and nicholas for giving me this belated birthday present (even though it’s half a year late) Hahaha. I love it a lot.

Front box Art


The figure

I will bring it to office to display it if i have the space.



December 26, 2009

Got this at a good price but some parts are torn and damaged. After I got it fixed, it looks just like new (no box included).

This photo was taken by the seller. Initially he was selling without singlet,  he found the torn singlet in the end so he passed it to me.

Torn singlet

I realised that the gun’s latch was broken when I got home

So I drill a hole on the latch

After that I put the metal wire through the latch into the hole and it’s fixed.

Final look after fixed


Sculpting Faces

December 1, 2009

I always wanted to sculpt face for kitbash. Since I am free these few days, I will try to sculpt a face out.

First I use the extra neck as a base for the face.

Applied Super Sculpey and mold it into a block.

Did a rough shaping and sculpting of the face. Didn’t go into much details yet, just wanna get the form and shape right first. Still at building up the form stage.


Hot Toys DX Joker

November 30, 2009

Well, It’s here finally again. Dunno why they have to make so many version of joker. If you don’t have the very first joker then you should get this cos this version does comes with a movable eyes.

Box Art. Cool and nice design

Poker card included

The figures

Normal Joker

Policeman Joker


Never regret getting this. Another satisfied collection added to shelf. If you haven’t get this pls go get one for Christmas. 🙂


Medicom Metal Gear Solid 3 Snaker Eater Cold War version

November 30, 2009

Hardcore fan of metal gear solid, so this is a must get for me.

Box art

Close up on head


Close up. Sorry for the poor quality photo. Taken from HTC Hero

Nice figure, definitely a lot better than the MGS4 old snake. If you are fan of MGS, I recommend you to get this.


Hot Toys The Godfather

November 30, 2009

Godfather is one of my favourite show. I Love the story and the character in the show especially Don Vito Corleone. Thanks Alex for getting this for me in Hong Kong.

He got it at Toy Hunter

Packed nicely in the cardboard

Nice box art

2 boxes contains the figure, accessories, chair and the base

Close up on the face

The Cat

The chair

Overall is an excellence add on to my collection. Nice head sculpt, beautiful chair. But one thing that disappointed me is the broken leg that came off when I took out the figure. Well, another than that it’s a perfect 12″ figure.


My Toys in my office

September 8, 2009

Now I will show you what toys I display in my office. XD


My boss sponsored this display case

Iron Man section

TDK section

I left my 2 jokers at home.

Terminator section

Robocop and POTC section

Military section

Medicom section

and lastly my favourite kitbash of PMC from MGS4

As you can see my display case is not enough to put in all my collection. It’s time to get another case soon *hint* Hahaha.