Hot Toys SDU Water Team

September 8, 2008

This is another figure that I wanted to get many years ago, it’s MINE NOW!!! HAHAHA…  Still no sight of empty space for me to display so I guess I will keep it unopen.

Box Art

Certificate Of Authenticity

The Figure and Equipment


I wonder next time how am I going clean up my room and toys… Hmmm… I see… I can ask Tian Tian to clean them for me, hahaha… Just kidding… I wouldn’t bully my Tian Tian, I will clean up myself. 🙂


  1. Han Xiang. better check ur SDU Diver. My HALO dive suit is peeling and my fren’s SDU Diver has some metal part rusted!!! 😀

    Ur collection damn solid! Alot of money spent on HTs…. 😀

    • Hi Tang, I have checked my diver and it’s still in great condition. Thanks for concern. 🙂 Haha.. really buy a lot until I have to move them to my office to keep them. T-T can’t keep up with hot toys releases…

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